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About Dev Update April 2, 2019

Big New Stuff 

Our first live networking event, dubbed Beat Match, is happening. Venue is books and digital flyers being shared.  Very historical venue where in its day the likes of music greats, such as Billie Holiday, James Brown, and Tina Turner graced the stage. It has been closed since the late 1970’s and only just discovered in the back room of a restaurant by James our event producer from Modernart Media.  The event has its own greenroom at

The Directory has been revamped with categories and scrolling slideshows and animated banners with links. More categories will be added as more folks and organizations get listed.  Get listed in the Directory.   Haight Ashbury based orgs get a free Directory listing.

To post stuff for FREE, or have a discussion about working and doing business in arts, media, and entertainment industries, visit the Greenroom on  To get Greenroom password Get GIgsLIst Round Up.

About Gigslist


Gigslist is an arts, entertainment and media B2B research journal and service. The aim is to fill the gap of useful information and jobs for entertainment professionals.

Segments include editorial, directory, jobs and for Pro Members a recruitment and employment research journal.

Giglist was founded in 2001 by multi arts producer Deborah Paulino. 30 year long resume in arts, media, and entertainment in Australia, UK and USA as producer, talent, crew, admin, and creative. From touring circus and cabaret to rock concerts to films, festivals, exhibited fine artist, documentaries, classical theatre to MTV and augmented reality games.

“Gigslist was on hiatus for a few years while I worked on an interactive art history project. I rebooted in April 2018 to recruit for the project… but there was no multi arts recruiting resource that was useful. I had multiple creative, admin, crew, and tech departments. I had to search and post on 50 sites, after researching hundreds. Plus it was hard to find industry info and there are loads of funding grants that producers, artists, and groups will find useful. . GigsList a tool I used as a producer and recruiter. It’s clean and simple and mobile friendly and provides real results for our niche b2b audience.. I have recruited for actual events for testing the GigsList,.info network and got a great VIP manager for NYE at the Mint 2018, who they are now hiring for their other events.” Deborah

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Your participation, support, and spreading the word helps Gigslist develop better tools for your industries and more opportunities for all tiers and facets of the industry as a whole.


GigsList Dev Notes To Keep You Noted

March 2 2019

The GigsList Opportunities Research Journal is Launched with a new Auditions Calendar. Over 100 SF and Bay Area jobs, grants, and auditions every week.

Journal Subscribers get their subscription fees refunded when they get 5 friends to subscribe to the Journal.

Journal Subscribers can earn recurring income by sharing posts to get more friends to subscribe.

Journal subscription is less than an SF latte a week, subscribe to the Journal HERE

The Green Room remains open as a free virtual co-work space for starving artists and innovators to create..


Feb 27 2019 NEW FEATURES

Earn Extra Cash Sharing GigsList Posts
GigsList Pro members earn a recurring 20% of every new GigsList Pro subscriber they refer. Get a GigsList Pro Account and share posts from there. You get $3.30 per friend every month. 2,000 friends and you can quit your day job.

Pro Gigs - GigsList Pro - our famous gigs list is about to relaunch with over 100 hand researched SF and Bay Area jobs, grants, casting calls, and auditions every week, so you don’t have to. Only $16.50 per month. Less than one latte a week. And you earn it back plus many times more when you refer your industry buddies to GigsList Pro.

Pro Audition Calendar Keep organized with our mobile friendly calendar of upcoming auditions around SF and the Bay Area. Included with GigsList Pro, and the Pro Gigs section also has more casting calls.

There is Still a Free Gigs Section Go to the main/home page (click on the microphone) and click on Gigs, not ProGigs, you find fresh free to view gigs and auditions there. We maintain the free section for starving artists. :-) Mind you the Member section has a lot lot more gigs and auditions. I don't know if you were subscribed to the old GigsList, more crew, talent, creative and admin gigs than folks could apply for. I also created a new audition calendar on to help talent keep track.

Gig Search Engine Job Seekers and Fund Raisers will be very happy to know that there is now a dedicated search engine in the Gigs section. FREE

Post Comments on the Blogs with your social media account. Have something to say or want to network, make a comment. FREE

Post Gigs to GigsList free to view and member only Pro sections and  blasted to GigsList newsletter and social media network.  Scroll to bottom of any page and click Post. Great Value.
To post jobs and calls to member only Pro Gigs is free, use the contact link.

Post Events to GigsList free to view and member only Pro sections  and it will be blasted out on our social media network. Scroll to bottom of any page and click Post. Great Value. To post jobs and calls to member only Pro Auditions is free, use the contact link.

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